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Tower Engineering Professionals, Inc. (TEP) and TEP Design Build (TEPDB) are telecommunications tower specialists.

With respect to towers, TEP/TEPDB is a full-service, multi-discipline, turn-key engineering and construction organization. Since our 1997 inception, we have inspected, mapped, analyzed, engineered, designed, modified, upgraded and constructed more than 50,000 cell towers, broadcast towers, water towers, elevated signs, roofs and telecommunications sites throughout North America. Our annual production averages 10,000 jobs.

TEP has over 300 employees, more than 100 of which are Certified Climbers. They are located at offices in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, and Canada.

We maintain engineering licenses (P.E., S.E., P.Eng.) in all 50 States, all U.S. territories, most Canadian provinces, Mexico, and Australia. We also employ Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) who are certified climbers and licensed P.E.s., as well as Professional Land Surveyors (PLS) and licensed General Contractors (GC).


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Houston, TX
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Phoenix, AZ
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Burnaby, BC
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Our companies are undergoing a restructuring. All professional engineering services were provided through Tower Engineering Professionals, Inc., a North Carolina professional corporation, and are being transitioned to TEP OpCo LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, as necessary licenses are acquired in each state. General contractor services are provided through TEPDB Design Build, Inc., a North Carolina corporation, and are being transitioned to TEPDB OpCo LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, as necessary licenses are acquired in each state.