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New Service Provided by TEP; Antenna Wraps

antenna-wrapTEP Design/Build now offers Antenna Wrap services to clients per the work of Scott Brantley and Brad Little. An antenna wrap is a high-resolution image printed on white gloss vinyl and wrapped with a waterproof and UV resistant laminate film. The wrap can be used to camouflage an antenna on a building or other structure, and has a lower cost than other commonly used stealth options. The wrap has a life expectancy of approximately seven years and TEP offers a five-year warranty.

The antenna wrap process is initiated with a photo image of the exterior of the structure where the antenna is to be installed. The image is reviewed for quality and approved by TEP and a graphics professional. The photos must be free of shadows to ensure image quality. If the photo is not up to standards, TEP then sends a field team to take a photo for the wrap. Once the antennas are received from the client, TEP then wraps and installs the antenna. The service has a quick turnaround time of just under 2 weeks. Clients will benefit from this service because it can be used for rooftop and other small-cell sites in historic districts and areas located within difficult permitting and zoning environments. TEP is currently working on getting this service patented.

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