TEP Fiber specializes in telecommunication engineering, construction, and maintenance. We set the standard on Fiber Optic and Wireless and are ready to meet your company’s network infrastructure needs. We provide maximized efficiency, wherever you are.


As a multi-discipline, full-service engineering and construction firm, our comprehensive service offering enables us to not only fulfill each project’s needs, but rise above the expectations of our clients.
Project Management
From start to finish, TEP oversees and manages all aspects of your telecom infrastructure project, utilizing our skills as engineers, construction managers, and project managers while leveraging state-of-the-art management technology and software. This enables our team and project managers to properly design, engineer, and execute your project – we are the team that will survey the site, the team that will envision the appropriate design and needs of the finished product, and the team that will oversee and execute the construction. In doing so, TEP can ensure that your project is well designed and expertly executed.
In order for your telecom project to be successful, it will require expert planning, design, and engineering skills to achieve maximized functionality of your company’s network infrastructure. TEP can provide the experience and the engineering skills necessary to make your telecommunication needs a reality. Our engineering team has the experience, abilities, and technology that allow us to implement your project expertly and maintain it at an advanced level.
TEP is experienced in all facets of telecom network construction and well versed in the needs of your system. Correct implementation and execution of your network’s infrastructure is critical to its success and functionality, and our construction teams are here to ensure your network is optimally integrated.

Regardless of how well your telecom network was designed and built, time, nature, and progress will eventually take its toll on your assets. As your system ages, it will require maintenance to ensure excellent service and coverage to your users. TEP offers comprehensive, full lifecycle maintenance and repair services on your existing telecom networks.

Emergency Maintenance
Our emergency repair teams are the lifeline of our fiber division. With skilled technicians and a swift response, we specialize in diagnosing and resolving issues within fiber optic networks, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for businesses and communities.