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Insight With Tower Engineering Professional’s New Safety Manager – Matt Collins

Matt CollinsCongratulations to TEP’s Matt Collins for being selected as the new Safety Manager! Matt will be fulfilling all safety duties along with his current duties as Division Manager.

Colleen Murphy will also be providing support for Matt in handling these duties. We asked Matt about his plans for TEP safety, why safety is important to him, and what changes employees should expect to see.  

What plans/goals do you have for safety at TEP?

“My plan for TEP’s safety program is to provide employees with the skills and knowledge to complete their jobs as safe as possible while minimizing their exposure to hazards. My main goal for TEP is to have zero accidents each year.”

Why is safety important to you and the company?

“Safety is important to me because everyone has the right to work in a safe environment and have the skills and knowledge to complete their job safely. We work in a high-risk industry, so being able to provide our employees with the proper training so they can come home safely is the highest priority for TEP.”

What changes should employees expect to see from the past?

“Employees should expect to see a more comprehensive safety program that focuses on the hazards we typically see in the field and what we can do to avoid or control those hazards.”

If you have any gear requests/inquiries or any questions regarding safety, please email safety@tepgroup.net.

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