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American Tower As-Built
Provide ATC with as-built surveys of existing sites to better determine lease and easement issues.


TEP was tasked with providing American Tower as built surveys for 100 of its existing telecommunications facilities to better gain knowledge of existing site conditions in an effort to address lease encroachment and boundary discrepancies.  Prior to visiting each site, property and site research was done to determine any potential issues that may be encountered. Each site was then visited by a field crew who located all site improvements along with necessary lease and property monumentation.  A final deliverable was created paying special attentions to ATC design standards so all necessary information could be easily discerned. Once a survey deliverable was completed all documentation was uploaded to the clients file management system. Each site was a challenge due to the tight deadline required from NTP to delivering a final product. TEP was able to overcome this challenge with efficient management of scheduling field crews and CAD drafters to produce a top of the line product in the required timeframe.


TEP’s efficient timelines and attention to detail allowed ATC to properly determine any problem sites and develop a corrective plan of action to address these issues. This is turn gives our client better information in regards to lease information and allows them to better manage their assets.

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Land Surveying
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1 Year
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