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Ashton Tower and Foundation Modifications
Perform modifications to both the tower and foundation of an existing 300ft guyed tower to support LTE technology upgrade. The modifications involved aerial welding and caisson foundation drilling.


TEP was tasked with completing both tower and foundation modifications to an existing 300ft guyed tower.  The tower modifications included installing new horizontal bracing at various elevations from 10ft to 197ft, reinforce existing diagonal bracing at various elevations from 154-220ft, install new guy levels at 155ft and 197ft, reinforcing pull offs at 155ft, 197ft and 276ft, replacing existing guy wires with new wires at guy level 1, installing new guy wires at guy level 7, and adjusting the tower twist and plumb.  The foundation modifications included installing new 3ftØ wide by 16ft deep caissons inside the existing guy anchor radius and relocating guy levels 1-3 to the new anchors.


TEP completed all tower and foundations modifications to the site, scheduled all intermediate foundation and certified welding inspections, and received a passing post modification inspection for all work completed.  The completion of the modifications allowed the client to proceed with upgrading their LTE services at the site thus improving their network coverage for the market.

Project Services
Modification Installation
Structural Engineering
Project Timeline
3 Months
Year of Completion