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TEP was tasked to determine the steel reinforcement in an existing foundation to avoid costly foundation modifications.
Crown Castle International
Excellent due diligence on your part to locate that kind of history and information on a 20+ yr old foundation. Without that information, we would have probably proceeded with expensive and unnecessary foundation modifications
- Crown Castle International, Crown Castle International


The previous Structural Analysis failed the foundation due to assumed pad steel information.  The client had an incomplete foundation mapping on file.  They needed us to visit the site and confirm the pad steel reinforcement.


Even though the tower was 20+ yrs old and had been sold multiple times we were able to locate the original foundation installer and special inspector.  We reached out to each of them to see if they had a copy of plans but they did not.  We contacted the county inspections department and were successful in locating the plans for the modification.

During the process, we found that the original tower had been decommissioned and replaced with a new guyed tower utilizing the original foundation.  The replacement tower had increased loading so the original foundation was modified to accommodate the larger forces.  We were able to re-map the foundation and confirm our findings against the foundation modification design drawings.

Because of our diligence in preparing for the site visit we were able to locate original design information then use the field visit to verify and validate our findings.  This resulted in a much more complete document for our client.

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