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Glenwood 2 PCS and 850 RET Upgrade
Upgrade existing rooftop site by adding PCS and 850 RET to three sectors.


TEP was hired to upgrade an existing rooftop site on a residential occupied building in Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina.  The scope of work included picking up all materials from Verizon’s warehouse, replacing existing antennas with new antennas and radios for PCS upgrade, replacing existing antennas with new antennas and radios for 850RET upgrade, supplying and installing new coax/fiber jumpers and related connectors, testing all equipment to ensure proper configuration, overseeing final third party equipment testing, and compiling closeout documentation for client submittal.   All work had to be coordinated with Verizon techs as work was completed one sector at a time during the specified maintenance window. 


TEP completed all necessary antenna upgrade work at the rooftop site with passing third party inspections and testing all while avoiding any disruption to the tenants or management.  The quality of work performed at this site led to other project awards for antenna upgrades from this client.

Project Services
Line & Antenna, Microwave
Project Timeline
2 months after award, 5 days after installation
Year of Completion