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LTE Overlay
TEP was responsible for turnkey services across multiple departments in order to prepare a nationwide network launch.
As a PM that is assigned projects large and small, I have found that TEP is a great company to partner with. They have earned my trust through consistency in achieving their forecasted milestones as well as working with all stakeholders to help provide our customers with the experience they deserve and expect.
- Nate Kuhns, Project Manager, U.S. Cellular Corporation


TEP was responsible for gathering existing site data, performing structural analysis, and creating construction drawings on anywhere from 150 – 500 sites per wave in different regions across the country spanning from North Carolina’s coast to Washington State.  The “LTE prep-work” had to be completed in a strict timeline to release TEP Design Build to install modifications so the towers were ready for the L&A crews.  Our client had both timeline and budget constraints that had to be met for them to launch their LTE system by their scheduled on-air date.  


Our client launched on the scheduled date.  One of the reasons TEP is successful with this type of project is that the engineering and construction services are completed in-house.  Throughout the entire process we collaborate with each department to head off potential problems.  We have the ability to expedite projects that become a priority or may have been delayed at an earlier stage.  Our client also has the benefit of one point of contact for the life of the project who understands each piece of the puzzle.   

U.S. Cellular Corporation
Project Services
Environmental Resources
Construction Management
Structural Engineering
Project Timeline
5 waves over 4 years
Year of Completion
2011 - 2014