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Macrocell Floodplain Site
A proposed Macrocell site was located within a floodway & floodplain. TEP's Site Acquisition and Regulatory Compliance teams worked together to decrease impacts of the proposed tower, to the floodplain.


We had a proposed Marocell site, located within a difficult search ring. The best possible candidate identified within the ring was located on a commercial property that was identified to be within a FEMA floodway & floodplain. Although complete avoidance of the floodplain was not feasible for the proposed site, our Regulatory Compliance team coordinated with our Site Acquisition team to come up with the best possible solution. Our compliance team wanted to ensure that no part of the proposed site fell within the floodway and while also minimizing impacts to the floodplain to avoid significant project delays.


TEP’s Site Acquisition & Regulatory Compliance teams were able to work together to find the best suitable location for the proposed site on the property, while minimizing cost and avoiding delays. Constant communication and concurrent site walks were utilized between the in-house teams and we were able to find a location on the property that reduced the total footprint of the proposed site within the floodplain. Due do the cooperative effort, only a portion of the associated landscape buffer was within a portion of the floodplain, thus expediting the regulatory compliance approvals required for the site.