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Midvale Hill
TEP Environmental was brought on to facilitate environmental regulatory compliance for a proposed tower project with a difficult project location. A sensitive historical viewshed, RF-limiting topography, existing land uses, and restrictive private property boundaries were all contributing factors to the site’s challenges.
Mercury Towers
Upon notifying the client that the project had successfully cleared it’s regulatory compliance hurdles, Mercury Towers responded with “Awesome!” and “That is FANTASTIC! Great job [TEP]!
- Team, Mercury Towers


Verizon approached Mercury Towers with an important but problematic site location that had recently been “denied” by SHPO through one of Verizon’s other environmental vendors.  The site received an “adverse effect on Historic Properties” finding from SHPO due to a sensitive archaeological site located nearby.  Mercury Towers approached TEP Environmental for assistance.  Utilizing historic resource & archaeological site inventories and topographic map & GIS analysis, the Environmental team worked concurrently with the Cultural Resources, Survey and Civil Engineering Departments, as well as Mercury’s Site Acquisition Consultant to select a location on the original parent property that had the best chance of successfully clearing the environmental regulatory compliance processes.    After detailed analysis and avoidance of engineering and environmental pitfalls, TEP Environmental identified a suitable location while still meeting RF objectives and being cost effective from a construction standpoint (utilizing existing roads & culverts where possible, avoiding steep inclines, etc.). 


Within approximately 60 days of receiving the notice to proceed, TEP received SHPO concurrence with “no historic properties affected” and the project had successfully completed the environmental due diligence processes (FCC NEPA Checklist, Phase I ESA).  TEP Environmental handled the project promptly, cost effectively, professionally and successfully from start to finish and we take pride in being able to provide that level of service consistently to our clients.

Mercury Towers
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