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Orange County, North Carolina
TEP Environmental was contracted to provide environmental permitting for a proposed access road to an existing tower site. The new road was needed as an alternate route to access the existing tower site. The proposed road crossed an unmapped jurisdictional stream, a manmade pond, and had the potential to affect upstream wetlands.


Multi-phased coordination & cooperation with the client, TEP’s project engineers, the Orange County Planning Department, the NC Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ), and the US Army Corps of Engineers. The project planning involved minimizing impacts to NCDEQ regulated riparian buffers, an unmapped jurisdictional stream, and a manmade pond as well as coordination with the project engineers to ensure the road design did not impact the hydrology of upstream wetlands.


The TEP Environmental Team was able to work cooperatively with all parties in order to minimize impacts to the regulated riparian buffer, stream, pond, and upstream wetlands and was able to obtain all of the required permits within a timely fashion. TEP’s intracompany collaboration (survey, civil engineering, environmental) reduced the project’s timelines in order to meet and exceed our client’s strict deadlines.

Project Services
Land Surveying
Civil Engineering
Environmental Resources
Project Timeline
12 Weeks
Year of Completion