2024 Status Update

Toqlukuti’k Wind and Hydrogen Project

TEP and our subcontractor (WesTower Communications) are conducting initial installations of MET towers for ABO Energy’s Toqlukuti’k Wind and Hydrogen Project. These wind measurement towers will verify wind speeds in certain locations to determine future suitability for wind turbine placements. 
Contract opportunities with this activity are posted below on this website.

Project Location

The Project is located in relative proximity to Braya Renewables’ Come By Chance refinery, including Crown lands in the Isthmus of Avalon and Clarenville region

Site Plan

April 12 – Report Summary

Road to tower center
90% completion
Road to anchor paths
90% completion
Rock brought on site for access roads and anchor paths
70% completion

April 15 – Report Summary

Civil Work
100% completed

April 23 – Report Summary

Mobilization to site
100% completed
Setup to commence drilling
80% completed

April 24 – Report Summary

Finish setting up water line
100% completed
Drill and core first location
100% completed

April 26 – Report Summary

Drill and core remaining anchors
100% completed
Demobilize from site
100% completed

Tower Fabrication

100% completed
Awaiting Shipment

TEP Engineering Canada ULC

In 1997, TEP started with two tower-climbing engineers. Just over 25 years later, we’re more than 1,000 professionals strong and have provided construction and engineering services for more than 150,000 structures around the world.
Currently TEP Engineering Canada maintains offices in 5 Canadian provinces with the proven ability to work coast to coast.

Local Economic Engagement

  • Land Surveyor – Landmark Surveyors and Engineering Ltd., NL base
  • Civil Contractor (tree clearing and road construction) – WesTower, St. John’s, NL
  • Geo Driller (in support of the geotechnical engineering investigation) – Warrior Drilling Corp, Springdale, NL

Future Contractor Opportunities

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For more information, please see ABO Energy's project specific website regarding the Toqlukuti’k Wind and Hydrogen Project